Piccadilly Circus

from by Cameron Blake



When my wife and I were in London on vacation, we went out to eat with some friends and rode back on the top level of a double decker bus. There were a bunch of drunk 20-somethings making a real ruckus in the back and it was one of those moments when I was amused and annoyed at the same time. I also remember riding the Tube throughout the week and hearing the conductor say, “Next stop, Piccadilly Circus!” The two experiences collided and I wrote Piccadilly Circus.


I’m just waking up from a night out with friends
There’s booze on my breath and pins in my head
Well darling I guess I’ve had you on my mind

Don’t sing along yet ‘til I clear my throat
It feels a bit raw like I can’t hit the notes
But darling I choke whenever I’ve got you on my mind

Pour me one more glass of wine
Tell me I’m just going blind to get you off my mind

Someone told me there’s no life without the risks
And maybe deep inside I’m happy with this
‘Cause I gave you a kiss just to get you off my mind

Did I talk out of turn or did I say too much?
Did I come off unlearned? Did I not talk enough?
After all, love’s just a bunch of crazy thoughts inside your mind

Well I saw you pretty lady on the Piccadilly line
Where I’ve learned to count to pass the time
Through the twenty-five stations that are underground
I’m afraid of the dark I put headphones on just to tape your mouth
When you speak these words to me

Maybe I run, maybe I’m late
Baby I’d hate to make that kind of mistake
I’m well on my way to erase you from my mind

Pour me one more glass of wine
Tell me I’m just going blind to get you off my mind


from Alone On The World Stage, released March 16, 2015



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Cameron Blake Grand Rapids, Michigan

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