The Fisherman

from by Cameron Blake



The Fisherman was the most painstaking song to write on this record. I had to shut off my conscious mind and let the color dark blue take over my thoughts. I remember revising lines while lying on the floor, doing the dishes, taking a shower- anything to keep myself from overthinking it. The lyrics finally came into focus and it was the first song that I recorded.


You awaken to the sound of her laughter
That the wind blows away
Then the midnight mass bell rings forever
And the rain taps irregular rhythms
On the roof of the house you’ve been living in

There’s a flint in the eye of the tiger
For when I quit all this worldly nonsense
And listen to deep frozen rivers
Pack up my gums with tobacco
Feeling down her back in the shadows
Rainbow trout nets by the window
Casting cross-stitch patterns on the bathroom

Yes it’s true, true, true, that I still love you

The smoke swirls and breaks in the silence
A gentle calm covers the water
You follow her eyes to your pillow
Where sleep lies the wounded man down
As she brushes the snow from the window

There’s a prayer on the bench at St Andrew’s
For when I quit all this earthly nonsense
And walk in the rain to the ocean
To cast out my nets for a pearl
Unbutton her shirt to the necklace
Wallpaper drinking light from street
Pop up patterns from another empty world

Yes it’s true, true, true, that I still love you


from Alone On The World Stage, released March 16, 2015



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Cameron Blake Grand Rapids, Michigan

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